Poultry Feed Supplements

India has one of the largest poultry markets in the world. Poultry is defined as any domestic bird raised specifically for meat and egg consumption. Today India is world’s fifth largest egg producer and the eighteenth largest producer of broilers has been rising at a rate of 8 to 10% per annum.

The feed additives and enzymes are basic feed supplements for poultry industry. Leonas is committed to sustainable practices across our poultry supply chain. We protect animal welfare, reduce use of growth-promoting antibiotics, reduce environmental impact and increase transparency. We also work to keep people safe, both the workers who handle poultry and the consumers who eat our products. View More

A1 vitamin +

Prevents leg weakness, Fatty Liver syndrome & Emaciation (loss of Fat Tissue)in Poultry.


Improves egg production, egg quality & egg shell quality.

A1 Liver Tonic

It is working as a supportive therapy in hepatic dysfunction due to hepatic disease i.e Aflatoxins, Mycotoxins, lipidosis fatty liver syndrome etc

A1 Liver tonic +

Supportive medician for poultry in toxic condition, fatty liver condition and other hepatic disorders.

The Best Poultry Supplements

In view of this, it was thought desirable to undertake the review of present status of the industry and to identify and analyse the critical inputs required for implementation of new technologies. Leona has envisaged and analyzed the importance of new technologies for poultry industry for excellence in product development, to provide green, healthy, eco-friendly, highly efficient and sustainable biological solutions, contributing to a sustainable world.


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