(Advanced Gut Probiotic For Shrimp)

Leona Gut Health is a natural Combination of Yeast metabolites, Herbal extract, Amino Acids, Enzymes and beneficial Micro-Organisms that works together to support health and performance of shrimp/prawn

Leona Gut HealthLeona GUT HEALTH : It Contains specially selected anaerobic Lactobacillus sps., which prevents growth of pathogenic microbes in the gut by denying them access to the gut lining. They trigger the immune system of the animal to produce immunoactive substances against pathogens and viruses. The herbs help in treating various diseases in Shrimps and also build up their immune system and reducing stress.

Herbal extract, Vitamins, Enzymes and beneficial probiotic spp.


Main benefits :

  • Benefits:
    • Rapid Shrimp Growth
    • Rapid Improvement in FCR.
    • Reduction in Running mortality.
    • It contains other minerals and vitamins required for optimum growth.
    • It contains functional additives to improve moulting immunity and support pound productivity.
    • It prevents white Gut.

Prevention: Use 5 g/kg of feed with combination of Leona Gel Pro in 3 times a week throughout the culture period (or) as advised by aquaculture consultant.

Storage: Store in cool & dry place. Avoid direct sunlight.

Presentation: 500 g HDPE bottle.

Leona Gut Acidifier

(Feed Supplement for Healthy GUT)

Leona Gut Acidifier is a blend of organic acids.  Which reduce the Bacterial load and provides acidic environment in Gut which increases the enzyme activity and Digestibility of feed.

Contents: Synergetic blend of organic acids Propionic acid and Butyric acid prevents and control White feaces.

Main Benefits:

  • Reduces white feaces
  • Optimizes efficiency of Hepato pancreas.
  • Better feed supplement for stress Reduction.
  • Increase survival rate.
  • Support Gut Health and mineral absorption
  • Organic acids reduce Gut pH to stimulate and active Digestive Enzymes.


5-10 ml per 1 kg of feed 3 Times in a week throughout the culture period (or) Advised by your Aqua consultant.

Storage: Store in cool & dry place. Avoid direct sunlight.

Presentation: 1 Ltr HDPE Bottle.



Water & Soil Probiotic

Water And Soil Probiotic

Leona Pond Probiotic is the complete probiotic (multi-species approach) product for Aquaculture pond. The effectiveness and synergy of these strains has been proven in years of trials and production application. The uniqueness of Pond Probiotic ensures the highest possible numbers of bacteria survive in longer period through the hostile conditions of the animal.



Bacillus spp, Thiobacillus spp, Nitrosomonas, Nitrobacter, Pseudomonas spp, Cellulomonas spp, Paracoccus spp and Aspergillus Niger.

 Average bacterial count: 10 -12 Billion cfu/gram

Main benefits:

  1. Increases productivity
  2. Improves survival
  3. Inhibits pathogens
  4. Helps in reducing toxic metabolites i.e., ammonia, nitrite,nitrate and hydrogen sulphide
  5. Reduce organic matter in pond environments
  6. Decrease F.C.R and improves survival
  7. Optimizes Phytoplankton
  8. Degrades sludge
  9. Promotes diseases resistance through immunomodulation



Average Bacterial Count: 10-12 billion cfu/gram.


Dosage: 500 gms/Acre (or) as advised by aquaculture consultant.


Prevention: Use every week throughout the culture period.

For fermentation: 1 kg along with 10 kg of rice bran and 2 kg of jiggery

Storage: Store in Cool & dry place. Avoid direct Sunlight.

Presentation: 500 gm HDPE bottle.


Leona Anti-Virus
Anti Virus

Leona Anti-Virus is a powerful proven product effective against wide range of aquatic pathogen including WSSV and bacteria including Vibrio spp.

The Commercial formulations include 5 Bacillus spp, which are capable of stimulating the immune system and preventing the proliferation of pathogens.

Water quality and disease free environment is the key factor for successful shrimp culture. Organic waste accumulation due to the left over feed, fecal matter and dead planktons contributes to the proliferation of pathogenic microbes like Vibrio spp.  are the common bacterial species which are found in large quantities that can cause septicemia and affect the digestive system of the shrimps which is collectively called as Vibriosis. The high loads of Vibrio leads to severe infections which will evoke mass mortalities in the farmed communities leading to heavy monetary losses.


Viral control agents, Bacillus spp, immuno modulators and Herbal extracts.

Composition: Bacillus spp, Immuno modulators along with multiple enzymes. Which enhances the growth of the beneficial bacteria to control vibrio spp.



Main Benefits:


  1. Effectively controls Vibrio and pathogenic bacteria
  2. Unique product, fast acting on pathogenic infections
  3. Total biosecurity to the pond
  4. Prevents WSSV virus
  5. Prevents development of Vibriosis



  • Prevention: 500 gms / Acre (or) 2 -3 g per kg of feed
  • Treatment: 500-1.0 kg / Acre (or) as directed by the Aqua consultant

Storage: Store in cool & dry place. Avoid direct sunlight.

Presentation: 500 g  HDPE bottle


Field Trial:


Reduction of Vibrio loads in pond water.


Two earthen shrimp ponds (1.0 acre/pond) with a depth of 4ft were stocked with PL-9 (approximately 1.0 lakh shrimps) in which our product Leona Anti-Virus applies in one pond  and  one pond kept as a control. A dose of 500 g per acre was calculated and applied to the test pond.

Trial Parameters:

  • Vibrio sp. Analysis before and after application of the product. The maximum limit is Green colonies below 30 CFU/ml.


Results show the pond that was inoculated with Leona Anti-Virus had reduced Vibrio sp. Loads, as compared to the control trial pond.

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