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About Agriculutre Poducts

Leona Bio Remedies has a good range of specialist solutions which give the plants the micro nutrients and growth requirements for a healthy crop. Using solutions from nature itself, we work to make agriculture healthier, safer and more productive. We achieve this by natural ingredients and microorganisms to combat pests and plant diseases, and bio stimulants that support and strengthen the crop. Today farming is more commercialized and there is a growing awareness on the need for improved high yielding varieties, and efficient management of inputs such as water, nutrition and management of pests. View More

A1 Secure K9 (A Complete Organic Product)

A1 Secure K9 (A Complete organic product)
The most powerful control of spider mites, leaf miners, pod borers and caterpillars on vegetables.

Plant alkaloids…0.75%

Benefits :

  • Most powerful on caterpillar control.
  • Economical to use as it tackles a wide range of pests.
  • Fast action with immediate kill, to enhance the field.
  • Fewer applications because of its long-lasting efficacy.
  • Controls all pest stages reducing crop damage hence higher yields.

Crops          : All vegetables.
Dosage      : 100ml/Acre.
Directions : Shake well before use and dissolve in small quantity of  water initially then spray over the crop with sufficient water for effective results.

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