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Cattle Feed Supplements


Leona offers a range of nutritional solutions for raising healthy ruminants

Cattle Feed Supplements

We provide products and services to help you achieve safe, healthy and efficient solutions for modern animal production.

We believe raising healthy livestock is more important than ever before, and we are delivering product portfolio comprises that help consumers achieve optimal nutrition, feed quality, gut health and pathogen control – all while maximizing the profitability of our customers. View More

A1 Calci D3

A1 Calci D3 Mineral Liquid is powered by a high concentration of bioavailable Calcium, Vitamins, and Phosphorus. It is a calcium supplement that maintains optimum milk production and good health of cattle.

A1 Cheated CarryMIN

A high-quality mineral Feed additive for dairy cattle that improves cattle fertility. It improves the reproductive health of cattle and helps to maintain pregnancy.

A1Gut Plus

A1Gut+ is is a natural blend of beneficial probiotics that will restore normal gut functionality such as nutrient assimilation, metabolism and proper digestion

Storage & Handling

Store at max. 30°C.
Keep out of reach and sight of children.

Animal Feed Supplement
For animal Use only
Not for use in Human.
This is not a medicine

The Best Cattle Feed Supplements(A1 Calci D3)

Calci D3 also helps in prevention of fractures and osteoporosis and in bone healing following a fracture and prevention of bone loss Calci D3 also assists in increasing body weight & in accelerating the growth rate of Calves. Main benefits Listed below.

  • 1.Maintains calcium balance
  • 2.Optimizes optimum nutrient balance
  • 3.For reduction of milk fever
  • 4.Stronger bones
  • 5.Better growth


 For Better Nutrition: 15 -20 ml/ adult animal/day

5-7 ml /small animals /daily


1 L

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