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Innovative Nutrition Solution

For Sustainable Aquaculture

Aquaculture is the world´s fastest food production system. Data from World Bank’s Global Program on Fisheries and Aquaculture reveals that aquaculture must grow 75 to 85 percent by 2030 to supply the world’s increasing demand for seafood. To assist in the development of a highly competitive, sustainable aquaculture industry that will meet growing consumer demand for aquatic foods and products that are high quality, safe, competitively priced and are produced in an environmentally responsible manner with maximum opportunity for profitability in all sectors of AQUACULTURE INDUSTRY.

Leona focused on wide range of products for pond water & soil management, Biocides, Probiotics, Feed additives for better FCR, Macro- Micro Nutrients, binding agents and Vitamin supplements to address all issues from disease prevention to cure, prophylactic to therapeutic and better nutrition with efficient bio-security, all the products are free from antibiotics and CAA certified.

How it works

How We Do Fish Farming

At Leona, We completely following the strict & hygienic process for the Aqua Farming & service worldwide

Design depends on the type of species to be rear
Fish farming is quite expensive investment quickly
All fishes need to feed growing healthy & rapidly faster
This is done using either a net or draining away water

Aqua Farm Services With Global Reputation.

We Provides Best Remedies For Aqua and Poultry and Cattle Farms


Shrimp Feed


Fish Feed




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Feed Supplements

Aqua Poultry & Cattle Feed Supplements & Agriculture Farm Solutions

Let’s see! Our Services reviews pertaining aquatic invertebrates, covering aquaculture, Poultry ,Cattle Farms genetics & nutrition.

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